About me

Hello, Allan Stromfeldt Christensen here!

I'm a former filmmaker from the Toronto area who – long story short – quit film school/university and subsequently ditched all the wannabe and aspiring narcissists of the film industry. Shortly thereafter I not only quit watching the stuff as well but I also left to New Zealand for a year in order to volunteer with and work on an array of farming and gardening endeavors, all of which granted me the ability to gain first-hand experience with such things as animal husbandry, seed saving, beekeeping, gardening, and shoveling shit. In between rounds of various farming and gardening duties I came across a book on the notion of peak oil, subsequently clued into its implications in regards to the collapse of industrial civilisation, and so here we are.

Regarding the name of this blog, that'd be a rip-off from my mostly-finished 190,000-word manuscript, a manuscript which I spent a few years writing, which is tucked away in a box in storage somewhere, and which has been collecting dust since 2014 when I last touched it. I'll get back to it eventually.

Anyway, like that unpublished manuscript you'll find an array of topics touched on in this blog, including some favourites such as honeybees, collapse, the media, and pandemics. That's right, more than ten years before COVID-19 made pandemics cool again I was busy writing half a chapter or so on no less than the upcoming "big one" (no, COVID-19 isn't the "big one" by a long shot). That being so, and now that talking about pandemics no longer makes people think you're a nutter, who knows, perhaps I'll end up expanding that half a chapter into another cheery book of its own: The Monoculture Flu.

Otherwise, while you can presently find me spending my time between Australia and New Zealand I also taught myself a bit of coding down here when I put together my own hand-coded blog, a blog which I then adapted for the publishing platform Ghost.

I've also been known to spend some of my "spare" time customising themes for various blogs and publications while assisting them in migrating over to Ghost. More on that at a later time.

A former filmmaker, now jawboning on the collapse of industrial civili­s­a­tion and the renewal of culture. .

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